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A redpoll visited our wintry East London garden today, part of a small mixed flock of birds including Great Tits. It’s the first one I’ve seen, and this brings the garden birds list total up to 25.


Originally uploaded by ArunMarsh

There’s snow on the ground and plenty of birds are out there stocking up on the wild bird food we put out for them.

The solitary squirrel who took up residence a year or so ago has found a mate, and they can both tightrope walk across the clothes line to get to the bird feeders, which provides entertainment but it seems they are afraid of starlings, so when a flock of those comes by all the other little birds get their feeders back for a while, not to mention the woodpecker.

A dusting of snow

A dusting of snow

Snow picture by Linda Hartley

Squirrel gnawing on a walnut root

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