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Best Broadband Deals if you live in the countryside

Which are the best broadband deals if you live in the countryside or want to move to a remote part of the country?

It’s a problem that has no easy answer but it well worth researching if having a good fast broadband internet connection is important to you, but you also want to be able to live somewhere where the quality of life is different to that in the cities. If you already live somewhere that doesn’t have the best broadband deals that many city dwellers enjoy available to you then you you’ll still want to get the best internet service you can, possibly regardless of the price really. Working with a slow internet is both inefficient and also unpleasant and frustrating so paying a bit more just to get the kind of service that others would take for granted is still worthwhile.

The key factor is coverage.

So how do you find out if your area or intended area is covered by the better broadband internet service suppliers? Well one way to find out is to go to the various broadband ISPs websites and find the part which deals with enquiries about coverage. There you will be asked for a postcode, landline telephone number, or both. From this you’ll get an answer which tells you whether it will be possible to order a broadband package deal from that supplier, but it won’t really tell you how fast the eventual internet connection is likely to run at. That’s because the ultimate connection speed is going to depend on a number of factors including the quality of the wiring into your house and the distance from the telephone exchange. The state of the specific telephone exchange local to the house is important too. If it’s an old one that hasn’t be upgraded to work with modern fast broadband, then you could be stuck for a long time without a slow internet connection until BT finally decide to get around to upgrading that exchange.

But you might not find out that the internet connection is impossibly slow at your new house in the countryside until after you’ve already moved in! How annoying is that?

Researching Best Broadband Deals

So my suggestion is that you do some research on the ground rather than from your computer. You’ll need to find out if any prospective neighbours have already grappled with the rural broadband problem and see which solutions they have come up with. Be careful though, because the potential service from just half a mile down the lane might be very different, so if you find a good result nearby then try to check that they are actually connected to the same telephone exchange as the house you are thinking of moving in to. You might be able to do this by looking at the telegraph poles and wire going from the road to the houses, or by enquiring at BT themselves.

It may sound extreme to base a decision on whether or not to buy or rent a particular property partly on the availability or otherwise of best broadband deals in the exact location, but if your work or other large part of life is dependent on using an acceptably fast broadband in the house then it’s going to have a big impact on everyday living and just getting by more easily.


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Thinking of moving to your dream house in the country? Better make sure you can find out if the broadband is any use first.

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