Welcome to Campus Dining Services

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Campus Dining Services!

Attached, please find a document called “Dining Hall Managers”.  This
is your contact list for all of the food service operations on campus,
including directions to the office where you need to report and punch
in for all shifts.

A few reminders:

Your shift belongs to you.  If you are unable to make your shift, you
are required to find a substititute for yourself, as well as keeping
your manager informed of your efforts.  First line is to post a sub
slip at least 5 days before the date of absence.  A second option
would be checking the sub-list on-line at
http://www.oberlin.edu/cds/employment/substitute.html and making
contact via phone, email, or in person with your fellow students to
see if someone is available to work for you.  Report directly to the
manager on the status of your substitution the day before the date of
If you are ill and must call off sick, you must do so by phone direct
to a manager on duty at a minimum of 2 hours before your scheduled
work time.  Emailing is not an option.  Do not contact me – I am not a
manager.  You are permitted to leave voice mail if your call is made
in plenty of time ahead and direct to the Dining Hall in which you are
Make sure you arrive for your shift in time enough so that you are
ready in your working position at your scheduled time.  If your
schedule says 5:00, you need to arrive early enough before 5:00 to
wash your hands, get your hair net on, punch in, and be in place to
perform your work when the clock says 5:00.
Pants have to be long ones, shoes must cover your toe and heel, shirts
must have at least a short sleeve and cover your middle even when you
raise up your arms.  Neat and clean is required.
Use of cell phones, ipods, or any electronic device is prohibited
while on the clock.
Please avoid bringing valuables to work with you.  Although action is
being taken to improve security, Oberlin College and CDS are not
responsible for goods lost or stolen while on the clock.
If you have not done so already, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR TAX
PAPERWORK with the Student Employment Office in Carnegie.  You can not
get a paycheck until you do so.  If you have ever received an Oberlin
College pay before, you do not have to re-do this paperwork, but it
must completed once!  I need to be notified via email when this has
happened.  More information is available at:

To further clarify your responsibilities as an employee, a copy of the
student manual is also attached.  This manual will provide you with
basic information regarding all CDS Student Employment policies in
general.  Do not hesitate to contact any manager to discuss the
details of any issue you may have.

If you have questions or aggravations about your work, the schedule,
or pay, please contact me at this email address, by phone at
440-775-8101, or stop in to see me on the first floor of Stevenson,
Griswald entrance.

Happy Spring!

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