Count Down Time

Hello and congrats on the awards! I shared will all media venues.

Having a few stress attacks, but I will “not” stop now. Sales are
picking up-this was the stress maker. Finally have team that is
exceptional with detail, sales, and finding professional volunteers.
Ms Roker ran the Ebony Fashion Show, and the model you are not using
will stand in as volunteers – We have a manadory meeting on Monday at

The schedule is as follows

Monday pick up at 3PM-4:30 PM Sustainable farms
                                 5PM-5:15PM Grape Tree Bay Resort Hotel
                                 5:30- 6:00PM DIVI Hotel to review layout
                                 6:00-7:00PM  MANDATORY BOARD MEETING
at the casino conference center
Rental (sound systems)
                                                       Tony Romano (music)
                                                        Patrick Cuffy (Security)
(Divi Hotel)
                                                       Pony Club
                                                       Board Members,
Ayanna, Denise, Ms Roker, Cyndee, Tyrone, Yvonne, Millie,

                  Steve,  Micheal Soler, Anita
                               7:00-8:00PM Volunteers Meeting
                                                        Identify needs
– station locations, and event planning details
                                8:00-9:00PM Cyndee models meeting….
                                                        The board and
volunteers will work out details independent of your meeting

                                DIVI WILL PROVIDE SNACKS REFRESHMENTS
                              8AM-       8:45 AM        Concert Works
for lighting
                              9AM –      9:45 AM        Breakfast
                            10AM –     10:30AM       Press Conference
at Classic boutique/Zebos
                            11AM –     12:30PM       Radio Talk Show
                            12:45PM – 1:15 PM       Lunch
                            1:30 PM  – 2:15 PM       Channel 8,
Channel 2 Press Meeting-Essentric Shoes
                            3:00 PM –  4:00PM        West end press conference – Pollys at the Pier                             4:00PM  –  5:30PM        Dinner –                             5:30PM                           Grape Tree Bay Resort –                             6:00PM                           Mandatory board meeting-final program review, rsvps, vip list, other                                                                     event items Wednesday        This is a day to look at yacht, pony farm, and make other requests                              Sponsors dinner Thursday              Pick up 3PM from Airport                               Drop off at DIVI-4 comped rooms                               6:30 PM                     Thai Appetizers reservations at 7PM                               8:30 PM – 9:30 PM   Zebos                               Home Bound Friday                  ITS YOUR SHOW                             Volunteers will be on loction at 2PM Saturday            11:00AM-1:00 PM    Grape Tree Bay Resort Hotel Private Brunch                             1:30- the day            Yacht around Caribbean St Croix and Buck Island – Beach                             I need a yacht head count as soon as possible                             Tutto Benes for Dinner at 8PM Sunday             Morning – Horses at Tamerand Reef 15 minutes away                           Leaving for Airport at 2PM. Flight check in at 3PM (45 minutes from airport) WOW! Regards, Anita

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