Havering Folk Club News 23rd May 2010

Havering Folk Club News

23rd May 2010-05-23


Hi Haverfolk – Pete here.


Last Week:

I was tied up trying to get a difficult video edit completed on Wednesday, 19th May and so didn’t arrive until later in the evening. Simon was stuck at work as well, so the task of getting things set up and manning the desk fell to Gill.


Dave & Linda Worley were just back from a trip to The States visiting their son who lives and works there, and Gill unashamedly imposed on Dave’s good nature and pressed him into service as MC for the evening. Well done for doing a good job at such short notice Dave!


Having taken the first slot himself as per HFC tradition, he introduced Foxen, a solo spot from Terry Jones minus the rest of the Hillbillies on this occasion, Margaret Brown, Bernie & Maureen Pilgrim, Kriss Pouch, Smolowik, Dennis Homes, Linda Worley, Phil Duffield, and Jane Thomson before taking the break.


Following the break, my having now arrived, Dave brought me on for my spot, followed by Tony Thomson then Uggy Brown & Lou Louis. Uggy & Lou are sort of half-virgins. They came along late-ish on Hillbillies’ featured evening but we didn’t have time to fit them in. This time we did and they displayed some excellent musicianship, Uggy getting some beautiful, mellow sounds from his nylon-stringed classical and Lou matching him on mandolin.


We even had time to fit several in for another song, which doesn’t happen all that often nowadays.


A group of five friends came up to watch proceedings this evening, some of whom play as well. They’d chanced to see the posters in the bar of the Lion, but didn’t have their instruments with them. One of them, Avril, told me we wouldn’t welcome her instrument at the club, the Highland pipes, but she’s wrong; we would! An enthusiastic “Yes” was the result when I asked everyone, so what about it Avril? We enjoy and appreciate Vicki’s smallpipes, so we hope to see you with your Highlands soon.


Haverfolks’ Outside Activities:

Margaret Brown and Barbara Reeder were at the May Fayre at Havering-atte-Bower yesterday with their belly dancing among numerous other acts. Unfortunately I received the info too late to include it in last week’s newsletter – hope the day went well ladies.


This Tuesday, 25th May, our guv’nor Simon Oliver has an extended gig at Romford Folk Club, The Sun, London Road, Romford. The session starts at 8pm and there will be a few floor spots as well.


Richard Staines has another gig on Sunday, May 30th at 8.30pm. This one’s at The Portland Arms, 63 Portland Road, St. Albans, Herts.


Don’t forget gang, I’m always happy to publish news of any gigs you may have or other news, but you need to tell me about them in time as I won’t necessarily pick them up otherwise.


Other Stuff:

A few of you may remember Sue Clark who used to come occasionally to HFC and also to also to the Sail Loft. She still receives our newsletter and has corresponded to say that she and Grahame now have a river cruiser on the Thames and are planning to turn it into a hotel boat. You can find more details at http://www.isabellarivercruises.co.uk and although not shown on the site, they will be offering first year reduced rates to acquaintances, including Haverfolk – sounds great stuff to me.


Clem Vickery is publisher of BMG Magazine (Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar) and will be publishing a profile of the club in the next issue. He’s also director of Clifford Essex Music Company Ltd., who are now producing the Clifford Essex “Gambler” hand-made banjo available from September onwards. Any banjo players amongst our subscribers may want to have a look at http://cliffordessex.net/index.php


Back to HFC:

This coming Wednesday, 26th May is another open session to which all are welcome, and the following week, 2nd June sees the return by popular demand of our guest artists Suntrap.


So Make it a date – Wednesday at eight! at Havering Folk Club – The Feelgood folk club!


Cheers – Pete


Havering Folk Club,  The Golden Lion, 2 High Street, Romford, RM1 1HR


Tel:  01708 724544         Mob:  07860 452623       E:  haverfolk@yahoo.co.uk


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