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Podcast Idea

OK, I woke up on Wednesday morning with an idea in my head that just
seemed to be a natural way forward for the music side of things. A

It’s not a big stretch really, but for some reason hadn’t occurred to
me before. I’ve been doing a weekly live music broadcast on Ustream.tv
since July 2009, nearly a year ago, and sometimes a few people login
and say hello, others just lurk, and it’s very much a live, ephemeral
event. Some of the songs I perform I also record using the ustream
system, and they can end up on youTube, and some of them I don’t. It
depends how I feel at the time. By keeping the time and day of week
the same – always on a Tuesday at 7.00pm UK time – I thought it might
encourage a small group of regulars to build up, and there are indeed
some people who do drop in on a semi regular kind of basis. But if I
don’t bother to send out a tweet and a facebook status update, or set
up an event, then it can seem kind of like pushing a boulder up the
side of the mountain. It can fall back again so there’s nobody there
except myself and Linda and a couple of anonymous attenders who may or
may not be paying attention. But then again, people have also
mentioned to me face to face that they were there listening on an
occasion, but not logged on, so it’s not really anonymous, that’s just
how it can seem subjectively, which is not really something to be at
all worried about. And That’s all OK as far as it goes, because the
Tuesday night shows allow me to rehearse a few songs that I might end
up performing in front of a live audience at the Havering Folk Club
the next day, and help to build up the collection of videos to the
Andy Roberts Music youTube account, which can get thousands of views

Andy Roberts Music on USTREAM

But it seems I may have been missing a trick. It struck me that for
all sorts of reasons there can be a few people who might have wanted
to turn up on any particular Tuesday evening but can’t make it that
week, or forget, or go out, fall asleep, desperately need to watch the
stupid box or cook dinner etc. I toyed with the idea of moving to a
different time of day. Maybe a Sunday afternoon or something like
that. But Tuesday evenings are convenient for me as it happens. So
maybe a couple more people could tune in if they could do so at their
own convenience, asynchronously, using the simple podcast technology
that’s been around on the internet for several years now. There could
be a choice between downloading audio only, as in conventional iPod
mp3 player, or a video podcast. I’ll learn to pipe more than just live
webcam video into that at some point.

So nothing much is going to change with the Tuesday evening live
broadcast music shows, except for this: Instead of setting Ustream to
record individual songs as and when, every week the whole show will be
recorded, 20 minutes half an hour or whatever, and made available as a
podcast which can be subscribed to in iTunes, downloaded, accessed
from this blog or via RSS etc. The thing that podcasts do best. So you
can listen or watch when you like.

Andy Roberts Podcast

So I’ve decided to start off with a plan, and this is the plan: The
new Andy Roberts Podcast will go live in July 2010, with a prototype
starting next Tuesday and ongoing during June, so I can learn what
needs to be done and how it all works out. The best way to find out
how to subscribe for now,  is going to be to subscribe to the RSS for
this blog. There’ll be another post just before July telling you how
to subscribe in iTunes or get the podcast automatically delivered to
the podcast player of your choice.  Once we’re underway in July, the
whole podcast idea in the context of the Andy Roberts music project
will then be subject to some good old plan /do / review reflective
practice with no doubt, a series of iterative cycles which really
start with the prototyping in June.

Thanks for subscribing to Andy Roberts blog


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