9/8 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 10

Full details from the tenth podcast in the acoustic guitar series, as it happened, virtually unedited. For mellow listening while out and about on a journey somewhere, and with a call for reponses on individual songs on the andy roberts youtube video channel.


    Andy Roberts    

10 : Andy Roberts Music Podcast
September 7, 2010 at 11:00 PM


Four Original Songs + 1 Bob Dylan in the Andy Roberts music podcast Episode 10

There’s a bit of an improvised introduction tune followed by four more original Andy Roberts music songs and a final Bob Dylan song in this weeks podcast, all played on the 12 string guitar. Two of the songs are  revivals from the Andy Roberts Tapes which was recorded in 1980, the other two are a bit newer, well Shifting Sands dates back to spring 2003 as far as I can remember and the Cajun cooking song was written on that Spain trip which immediately followed, so yes, two from the tapes and two from The Gernika album.

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Podcast Episode 10 Show Notes

Show notes and information for Podcast Episode 10 broadcast on September 7th, published on September 7th 2010.

Improvised Intro

Ephemeral work with lyrics and music by And Roberts

Joan of Ark

Named after a specific Hotel in the Marais, Paris, Andy Roberts’ song Joan of Ark tends to get wheeled out every autumn due to the seasonal references. From The Andy Roberts Tapes

Shifting Sands

I may have played this recently, not sure now, but anyway here it is again. Music and Lyrics by Andy Roberts.


Another one from the tapes, and a kind of sequel to the above really. I’m not really completely comfortable with being the person who wrote this song, all that time ago, but the tune is catchy and the guitar runs were developed for the 12 string guitar, yes the same guitar.

Cajun Music Cajun Food

One of the Spanish songs, and still crying out for a fiddle and accordion but I do my best with the solo guitar.  From the album Gernika

I Shall Be Released

Music and lyrics by Bob Dylan, arrangement Andy Roberts

Media Files
10 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 10.mp3 (MP3 Audio, 23.3 MB)