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Here a some golden birdies, bits, bobs and doodads for your delectation:

Moris Tepper has a new CD out called A Singer Called Shotgun Throat, a title suggested by Don apparently. Full details can be found on Moris’s website –

For those manic collectors out there I’ve been trying to document all the Beefheart titles available as flexi discs. These are strange releases emanating from Russia and Poland. Check out what I’ve found so far on this Russian flexi discs page. If you’ve got others please let me know.

YouTube continues to be a great source for hearing attempts at Beefheart covers. Here’s a selection of some I’ve come across just recently:

British folk guitarist Andy Roberts has put up two versions of Grow Fins:
plus he makes a valiant attempt at Big Eyed Beans From Venus on the ruan (a Chinese lute!), which has got to be one of the oddest instruments used for any Beefheart cover.
Joe Mink has covered One Red Rose That I Mean:
Martyslartibartfast has posted a dirty garage cover of Plastic Factory with a wonderful Three Stooges film accompaniment:
And there’s a falsetto version of Ain’t No Santa Claus On The Evenin Stage if you can stomach such a thing:

Grant O’Neill has published a couple more entertaining articles about his friendship with Don during the sixties:
He’s also written some pieces about Zappa too if you’re interested:

Another sculpture by Agostinho Rodrigues – a family of penguins – has come to light. And the person who told me about it was also able to supply a few more background details about this mystery man. Take a look at my updated Don Vliet and Agostinho Rodrigues article

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