11 : Podcasting Andy Roberts Music

It’s nice having the podcast out one day ahead of schedule, it gives me a nice feeling of not having something to do.

Podcasting a day early with the Andy Roberts music podcast Episode 11

So this week’s podcast was recorded a day early, on the Monday instead of Tuesday, not that that will make much difference to podcast subscribers, who mostly seem to like to download the show about one week after it’s been published, but for those of you who might on occasion turn up for the live show at 7.00pm, I won’t be there at all some Tuesdays, and this was one of them.

Knowing that I was effectively playing to an absent live audience had a curious effect on the performance, which I would describe as slightly more random in a creative sort of way, but Linda described as “less in the flow”. I was worried that it wouldn’t be good enough for me to want to put out at all, so I carried on after the half hour but in the end that just made it a bit more difficult to edit down to size, something I’d prefer not to do really.

So the original full length video file saved over on Ustream is not worth keeping really, due to the failing daylight at this time of year on a cloudy September evening, and me not having bothered to find the lamp. I kind of like lurking in the dark though :-)

Episode 11, Episode 11 aroberts on USTREAM. Folk

Andy Roberts is being kept in the dark

is the tracklist of links and show notes for Podcast Episode 11:

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Podcast Episode 11 Show Notes

Show notes and information for Podcast Episode 11 broadcast on September 13th, published on September 14th 2010.

1) Century

A Millenium song written by Andy Roberts around 1980

“Century is my song for the Millennium, written in the early eighties looking forward to the year 2000. It’s called “Century” because the term Millennium wasn’t so much in use then, nobody much had started thinking about it yet, and I was still writing COBOL computer programs with 2 digit years”

2) I Am The Way

Song by Loudon Wainwright after Woodie Guthrie’s “Standing Down in New York Town”. Just noticed I played this not long ago, in podcast 7 oh well.

3) You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

Bob Dylan Song from Greatest Hits Vol 2

4) Mondura Dam – Andy Roberts song

I may have played this recently, not sure now, but anyway here it is again but this time on the 12 string guitar. Music and Lyrics by Andy Roberts.

5) Norwegian Wood – Beatles

I kind of love/hate this song, so I’m trying to reinterpret it. The video below will be from a live performance at Havering Folk Club

6) Me and my Friend the Cat

One of the early songs by Loudon Wainwright – performed on his birthday. Happy birthday Loudon. Next time I’ll remember the lyrics, OK.

Each week is a bit different, and this one was slightly random.