Health Food Imports

Dear Mr. Arnil Roberts,

I am the mother of Vanessa, Heidi & Trudi Johnson with whom you use to swim at the University school. My attention was caught this morning by The Natural Medicine Centre who has a shipment of  health producing Products waiting to be cleared by Customs. These Products have been coming into the country for the last 10 years, but now they are being denied entry of these goods.. One of the products is Flax Seed Oil, which is very good to prevent cancer and high cholesterol. Do we not want to promote a healthy lifestyle in our country?
I am directing this letter to you as our Minister of Sports. We want to start with our youth to have a healthy eating habit, and also for the general population.  The company that is importing these health products is:The Natural Medicine Centre at 25 Alexandra Street, St. Clair,6285649.
I have mentioned your new position here in Trinidad  to my daughters and they were delighted to hear of it.
Could you please see what action you could take, to assist in putting this matter right.
Your truly,
Krimhilde Johnson