Podcast 12 The Same Old Songs – And Some New Ones

Podcast 12 songs by Andy Roberts, Roy Harper, The Bonzos, Ralph McTell

Back to  Tuesdays as usual for this week’s podcast, recorded live on 21st September, a day when the day and night are of equal length everywhere on our plant, and also when Jupiter was clearly visible at it’s closest point for at least twelve years.

There are two Roy Harper songs in this weeks podcast, one Andy Roberts original, a Bonzo Dog Band single and a Ralph McTell golden oldie.

Here is the tracklist of links and show notes for Podcast Episode 12:

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Podcast Episode 12 Show Notes

Show notes and information for Podcast Episode 12 broadcast on September 21st, published on September 22nd 2010.

1) IF – written by Roy Harper

IF is a song by Roy Harper from the album “Once“.

2) The Nutmeg Tree – Andy Roberts

I wrote The Nutmeg Tree while waiting for a London restaurant to reopen so I could get back my bag which I’d left behind the night before.  I may have done this before on the show

3) Last Train and Ride – Lyrics and Music by Ralph Mc Tell

Ralph McTell recorded this on his early Spiral Staircase LP. I said during the show that I know it from Ralph Mc Tell but it’s probably an old jazz blues classic, and of course that turns out not to be the case at all.  There’s even an account of the writing of the song on Ralph’s site here :


Last Train and Ride emerged from my putting random chords together i.e. C followed by B7th and, in my naïvité, I imagined that such a musical combination could never have been done before. It became the hook for the song.

4) The Same Old Rock – Roy Harper Song

The Same Old Rock is of course a classic favourite of mine, so I try to do it justice from time to time, and anyway I enjoy singing it almost whenever I get the chance. There are about 12 minutes of it here.

5) Urban Spaceman – The Bonzo Dog Band

I’m The Urban Spaceman was a single by the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band in 1968, written by Neil Innes and produced by Paul McCartney and Gus Dudgeon under the pseudonym “Apollo C. Vermouth”

I used to do this for the cinema queues on the Champs Elysees back in my Paris busking days, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be performed in a folk club these days. Or on an Andy Roberts podcast for that matter.  Disclaimer: The Andy Roberts behind the Andy Roberts podcast has nothing at all to do with the Three Bonzos And A Piano who do occasional gigs in the UK.