11/18 Andy Roberts

    Andy Roberts    
Podcast #20: new Procaster tool, better audio quality?
November 17, 2010 at 2:05 PM

This week’s podcast is a landmark for being number 20 and for the change in technology. The switch from Ustream to Livestream was originally forced by connectivity problems and interruptive advertising. A downside was a slight loss in audio quality evidenced in the eventual mp3 files produced from the Livestream saved videos. There are several ways I could have tackled this, most involving an additional recording device such as a video camera or a digital audio recorder, which I don’t have yet. The audio recorder would cost about £150 and since the podcast doesn’t generate any income, cannot really be justified. The Livestream website kept suggesting the use of an installed app called procaster, but when I tested it the first time, it didn’t recognise my built-in webcam and seemed to want to run Windows on the Mac – yeugh!. But now there’s a proper Mac version and very good it is too. So this week is the first using that new technique, and I’m much happier with the technical quality of the podcast produced, number 20 – if not with the performance, but it was like going back to doing another prototype. In unfamiliar territory, I couldn’t resist playing about with the screencasting facilities and so there are only four songs on the cast this week, which is fine.

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Download MP3 to save – 25.5 Mb in size, playtime 27 minutes 47 seconds :-

20 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 20.mp3

Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 20 Show Notes

  1. “Waiting” – Music and lyrics by Andy Roberts
  • “The Wreckers Prayer” – Music and lyrics by Andy Roberts
  • “Ca Sert A Quoi?” – Music and lyrics by Maxime le Forestier
  • “Tip That Waitress” – Music and lyrics by Loudon Wainwright
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    20 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 20.mp3 (MP3 Audio, 24.3 MB)