12/1 Andy Roberts Podcast #22 Leonard Cohen Special

    Andy Roberts    
Podcast #22 Leonard Cohen Special
November 30, 2010 at 2:38 PM

#22 Leonard Cohen Special Part 1

After floating the idea of featuring Leonard Cohen songs in my next podcast, I got back some encouragement in the Facebook Page, which is always nice, so here it is – spread over two weeks. In Episode 22, which went out a day early, there are no less than three Leonard Cohen songs, all from the 1969 “Song From A Room” album as well as two Andy Roberts somngs, one of which is revived for the first time ever on these broadcasts and podcasts, and a Roy Harper / Dylan/ Folk song snuck in there as well.

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22 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 22.mp3

Shownotes for podcast #22

  1. The Partisan – Leonard Cohen
  2. Blue – Andy Roberts
  3. Keep on Moving – Andy Roberts
  4. Northcountry Girl – trad / Harper / Dylan
  5. The Story of Isaac – Leonard Cohen
  6. Tonight Will Be Fine – Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen - Songs From A Room

Leonard Cohen – Songs From A Room

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