The January Songwriters Circle Challenge

I’ve heard from a couple of people how much they are appreciating the Songwriters Circle group already, even if it’s just the idea of it. So I do think we are onto something here. The Facebook group has the capacity to grow quickly, as friends can friends etc, but the impetus can also slow down or fizzle out if there isn’t anything new to respond to.

So I’ve come up with this idea of taking my own New year’s resolution to write more songs and turning it into a month long challenge which anybody in the Songwriters Circle can join in and benefit from. All I know so far is that it’s going to take place in January 2011, maybe starting on January 2nd, and will consist of some small task or learning activity or exercise every day for the month, just a little bit each day, so that it builds up into a solid achievement by the end of January.

What is the goal of the January Songwriters Circle Challenge?

Well it depends on who you are, where you are at right now, and where you would like to be. For some beginners the goal will be simply to write your first song. That’s it. In fact that’s a perfectly good goal for anybody, just to write one song that you’re happy with. Maybe one of the very first tasks will be to think about it and decide what your own personal goal for the January songwriting challenge should be.