Four Seasons Folk Club – Andy Roberts Podcast #32

For Andy Roberts Podcast #32 we have the full set of songs performed live in front of an audience at the Four Seasons Folk Club, in West London on Saturday February 5th, 2011. This was the billing:

Four Seasons Folk Club, Polska YMCA, 20 Gunnersbury Ave., London, W5 3QL. Nearest underground Ealing Common, District & Piccadilly lines. Saturday, 5th February. Concert begins at 7pm sharp and finishes at 10pm. Featured artists will be Ian Martin, Andy Roberts, Smolowik, Smolen (with P. Smolen and A Kotowicz).

4 Seasons Folk Club

4 Seasons Folk Club

So the soundtrack on the podcast features six songs, all written by Andy Roberts and played on the siz string Ibanez acoustic guitar, this time tuned to concert pitch which made for some different interpretatios of the songs. Some are played with a capo on the fifth fret, others open.

Here’s the web player, download link, tracklist and show notes for Podcast Episode 31:

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Podcast Episode 32 Show Notes

Show notes and information for Andy Roberts Acoustic Guitar Podcast Episode 32:

Episode 32 Recorded live at 4 Seasons Folk Club on February 5st, published on February 8th 2011.

1) Cormorants

Words and Music by Andy Roberts

2) Yellow Boat

Words and Music by Andy Roberts

3) The Rowan Tree

Words and Music by Andy Roberts

4) The Last Nail

Words and Music by Andy Roberts

5) The Last Subway Home

Words and Music by Andy Roberts

6) The Wreckers Prayer

Words and Music by Andy Roberts