Urgent -Forest Roots is on the move again

We are very sorry to have to inform everyone that Forest Roots is moving from the Forest Gate Hotel.

Sadly, our genial host Kelvin is no longer working there and the owners have told us that from now on  we will have to pay £200 to hire the room as well as depositing £500 behind the bar. After our long association with the pub we are sad to be leaving but we can't pay £200(they did drop it down to £100 but we can't pay that either and we'd rather the money go to the musicians anyway) so we're taking our custom and our tableclothes elsewhere. We suspect their motives are to close the function room down so they can build their hotel rooms without any opposition. Anyway Forest Roots will definitely be continuing as Jenny has a load of ukuleles waiting to be raffled cluttering up her back room.

We hope one day to be able to return to the Forest Gate Hotel when either the owners come to their senses or the local masses rise up against them but until then Bob, the landlord of the Lord Rookwood, 314 Cann Hall Rd London E11 3NW, has welcomed us with open arms and we are very happy and grateful that we have got somewhere to go. Please come and support us at our new, warm, welcoming venue which is only a 10 minute walk from Woodgrange Road. 

Our next night is friday, 25th February with the highly talented ukulele maestro Martin Wheatley and multi-instrumentalist Mike Piggott. The Flats Family Band will be there as well as local performers and surprise guests. Next month on 25th March we have the long awaited return of the Kittiwakes.

So see you all at the Lord Rookwood

Power to the people

Stay forever young

Jenny and Caroline
ps Poor Caroline has had to cancel her birthday party as well and it was a big one too  but Bob at the Lord Rookwood has come up trumps again so she's having it there but she's had to change the date. So for all of you who have been invited the date and venue have changed. She'll let you know the new date soon