Podcast 34 – Loudon Wainwright and Extended Watchtower

This week’s podcast full length (29:54) episode 34 started off quietly due a blistered chord finger, which meant abandoning any possibility of trying out one particular new song. Instead I decided to try a few more Loudon Wainwright songs I haven’t recorded before. There are a couple of my own in there as usual, and also an extended improvised version of All Along The Watchtower. This is what the live shows and podcasts were always meant to be for really, to capture some of the unusual stuff that otherwise would have been lost in the moment or performed to an audience of one.

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34 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 34.mp3

Shownotes for the Episode 34

  1. Standing By – Andy Roberts
  2. Come a Long Way – Kate McGarrigle
  3. Puddles – Andy Roberts
  4. Dreaming – Loudon Wainwright
  5. New Paint  – Loudon Wainwright
  6. The Dream Is Over – Andy Roberts
  7. All Along The Watchtower – Bob Dylan Arranged Andy Roberts

The last time I did a Loudon Wainwright Special was back on Podcast Episode 4

All Along The Watchtower was last covered more recently on Episode 24

There’s a couple of lines missing from The Dream is Over. I need to brush up on the lyrics to that one.