Nashville Diaries -Day 2

Graham Turner from the Songwriters Circle blogs about his experiences in Nashville

Settling in to my surroundings a little – I’m still surprised at how big Nashville is geographically , even though the entire population would fit into 2 London Boroughs, you wouldn’t really want to be here without a car and I’m thankful to Lorna for running me around yesterday and getting to meet the some pretty awesome songwriters – whether you’re into country music or not ( I’m not a big fan personally) there are songwriters of every genre here and some pretty amazing songs being written by some 40,000 writers . Last night we went to see Lorna play at the listening rooms in the city centre alongside Tiffany ( I think we’re alone now) and Trent Jeffcoat who after having heard him , I’m a big fan – his lyrics are very special. I much prefer going to see people sing and play their own stuff than watch bands doing cover versions all night…. you really get to see the true talent behind the emotion of the song and hear why or how that song was written. Today , I’m off to a songwriters regular meeting at Doake Turner’s ( legendary locally) and then to watch a writers night in town; I hope I learn as much as I did last night…. I learned more in one day here yesterday than I did in the whole of the Bath Snngwriting Festival last year even though I met some great friends in Bath and written some good songs with some of them… this, as a learning experience, is totally different Gravy !!!