We only have two weeks to Easter.  So many
people are gone, that I am now officially asking for your help.  The Young
Married gospel doctrine class is my primary field for recruitment.  They
are not inclined to sing.  Why?  I do not know..  It would not
matter if it were me, Jennifer N, or Darice.  They just seem to feel that
they are so importamt and so busy with their lives that they cannot sacrifice a
few hours to make this Easter Program a part of their lives.  I have
non-member coming and you led me to believe you did also.  I am asking for
your support to go to that class and ask them to sing.  Our practices are
this Sat. 16 th at 9:00 am,  Sat 23, 9:00 am and of course both Sundays the
17 and 23 at 8:00 am in the RS Room.  Most of them have sung this Cantata
before, so it is easy and familiar.  Please help me make this a special