Some things I can’t do on the ipad 2 yet.

So this is an experimental blog post feeding the output from a mind map directly via eamil to the blog. The mind map software is ithoughtsHD as recommended by Ed Dale and MacSparky, and it’s an addition to one I made early in order to accumulate some tasks I needed to do when I get back on my iMac again. So the first one was a kind of to do list, which is against the spirit of action logging I know, but sometimes I need the memory aid in special circumstances. 

I’ve had an intense unplanned two weeks or so learning curve with my new iPad 2, and it’s been enlightening and fun on the whole, but occasionally frustrating as well.
In theory there are only about 20-30% of activities which cannot be done easily on the iPad, but in practice they can soon mount up into a bit of a backlog. I’ve tried to avoid getting involved in really complicated workflows which are basically workarounds to make up for the deliberately isolated structure of the IOS apps system. 

Other things I haven’t mentioned are native OSX apps such as Market Samurai, or Firefox plugins, which haven’t been ported to iPad yet, if at all. 

The iThoughtsHD output to email process includes a number of different formats and here they are:

  • cant do on ipad
  • adding autolinks into wordpress blog posts
  • of course this is a bit like thinks to do on the iMac
  • the difference being here I might try to find ways to do them on the iPad eventually