Network Rail – Welcome & Information Requests

2011 intake!

was really good to meet those of you who were able to come along to our Welcome
Days on Wednesday 18th May and Wednesday 6th July.
 I would like to take this opportunity again to welcome and congratulate
you on your appointment on Network Rail’s graduate engineering
programme.  For those of you who were unable to make it the reason for my
email is to introduce myself and run through what was covered on the day.
We had a number of speakers and current graduates covering a variety of
elements but I need to focus with you my session from that day.

support Nigel Ward, Professional Development Manager who will be your line
manager for the duration of your scheme.  One of my responsibilities will
be managing the on-boarding of you all and assisting Nigel with your
development when you join us in September.  As part of the planning
process for this, there are a number of initiatives that we are working on to
ensure your smooth transition into the business.  You will shortly be
receiving joining instructions from me for our induction event which will
commence on Sunday 4th September at our residential training centre
in Coventry.
You will be there for the whole week and on the Friday (9th Sept) all
of the 2011 intake will then be transported to our technical training centre at
HMS Sultan in Gosport.  I have to stress
to those of you who missed the event at Westwood that you will be required to
stay the middle weekends of the three week induction.
Accommodation and full board will be provided for the duration of the induction
event and whilst at Gosport you will be
working the Saturday mornings.  You will, however, have free time on the
Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.  You will leave Gosport
on Friday 23rd September.  On your fourth week you will spend
this with your buddy and the other graduates who are based in your
‘home’ location.  This is to familiarise you with the relevant
offices/areas that you will be based at.

of my first priorities is to look at your initial placement following on from
your induction programme.  All of the 2011 cohort will start the initial
training with a 20 week (approx) placement in one of our maintenance delivery
units.  We have a number of these around the country and it is my plan to
try and place you in one that is nearest, not only to your place of
work e.g. Swindon, but also where you are living if that is
possible.  In order for me to look at the range of locations vs the
delivery units, I would be grateful if you could complete the attached
form (if you haven’t done that) to update me on your contact
details.  I appreciate that you may be planning on moving over the summer
but if you can give me an indication on where you are likely to be
living when you
commence employment with us that will assist me greatly.  Please note the
broadness of London as an area as this covers Sussex, Wessex, Anglia & Kent.
 Once I have all these forms returned I will be able to confirm where you
will be based for that placement.  After your initial maintenance
placement you will then start your formal 6-9 month placements which will be
outlined to you during the induction period.  If you are unclear about any
of this please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or Nigel for
clarification.  Again, don’t worry too much about this as we will
discuss this with you during your induction event.

second initiative that I am working on is getting our graduates from 2010 to
contact you to invite you into the location where you will be working i.e. if
you are based in Glasgow you will be invited to
meet the previous grads at the office in Buchanan House in Glasgow!
This will be over the next few
weeks.  I will assume that by your completion and return of that document
you are happy for me to pass these details to our grads so they can contact you
and arrange a suitable date to bring you in to meet them along with the other
grads who are joining that location.

joining instructions for your three week induction programme will be sent out
over the next couple of weeks.  All travel arrangements and tickets will
be organised for you and I attach the form that you need to complete and return
to me so that I can arrange this for you.  As part of your training you
will be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Attached is
a form that you need to complete with the size that is relevant to you.
Please can you return the Graduate Information Form, Ticket Request Form and
PPE form to me (if you haven’t already done so) by Wednesday
20th July at the latest.

Important Information Required : for those of you who couldn’t make the
welcome events and those of you on the 18th
May event I need you to complete the attached security clearance
form for your stay at HMS Sultan.  The forms that were included in the
packs I issued to those who did attend on the 18th May were
incorrect so please can you complete the one that is attached and send to
Lesley Harding (along with the necessary ID forms) asap.  Those of you who
were on the 6th July event are ok as you received the correct
version of the form.

you have any concerns or want to chat through any issues please don’t
hesitate to contact myself or Nigel either by phone or by email.



Development Assistant



40 Melton Street

London NW1 2EE

Tel: 020 7557 8858

Mobile: 07825 376901

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